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Chains of Fantasia Chapter 12: Interlude

Chains of Fantasia
Rating: M for future chapters.
Pairing: ZeroXSuzakuXLelouch (it will make sense when you read)

Summary: It is the mid nineteenth century. Suzaku works as a stage hand at the Avalon Opera when a mysterious figure sweeps him away in a swirl of wonder and music. Will Suzaku succumb to The Phantom of the Opera? (co-written with lawlip0p)
"Recorded," she declared flatly, deadpan voice a perfect match with her expression.

I'm really late posting this. The chapter went up weeks ago, so regular readers may have seen it already, but here's the latest installment. It'll prove to be a little different than what we usually write, but hopefully it'll still be enjoyable. And if it is, maybe you'll shoot a review our way? It would be much appreciated! :)